Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Album Artwork etc. w/ White Widow | TEASER POSTER / WEB DESIGN / ALBUM ARTWORK

A Psychological Thriller, White Widow (Teaser Poster, 2011)

Been rolling out some graphics leading up to the new White Widow album, A PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER. Revamped the website, made an album teaser poster AND did up some album artwork for the new single (released today), 'Serial Love Affair' (below).

Also on that note...'Serial Love Affair' is now available for free download via www.whitewidowmusic.com -- I strongly suggest y'all download and add to your library. Totally loving it! Can't wait for the full album!

White Widow Music website redesign

poster design, album artwork, website design
electric wonder creative by jamie dwyer

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