Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snaxtime - Alt Foodie Blog | Branding / Icons / Web Design

For the 'other' kind of foodie...

We're super excited about the official launch of Snaxtime, a food & entertainment centric visual blog. The tagline says it all: "Food, Fun & Stuff"... Snaxtime is the latest project of Electric Wonder Creative partner Justin Ulloa (who is the genius behind many of the illustrative projects here (see The Top Bun Look), and also 1/2 of the creative behind our recent animated film, 'WHITE WIDOW: A PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER').

Under Ulloa's quirky creative direction, we produced a fun and fancy-free design-scape meant for the hyperactive, sugar-fueled kid in all of us.

These visual tags appear on all relevant posts. (L-R: Fast Food, Retro/Vintage, Hot Eats, Art, Entertainment, Sweets, Snacks)

branding, icons and web design

electric wonder creative by Justin Ulloa w/ Jamie Dwyer

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